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Profil Ko Ko Gyi Politischer Gefangener

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December 18, 2009

Ko Ko Gyi

Date of Birth: 18 December 1961
Age: 48 in 2009
Religion: Buddhist
Parents Name: U Thaung Tun
Education: Final Year Student, International Relations, University of Rangoon (1988)
Occupation: Leader of 88 Generation Students Group
Last Address: Thingangyun Township, Rangoon Division
Arrest Date: August 21, 2007
Section of Law: Penal Code, Sections 130(b), 228, and 505(b); Endangering National Convention Law No. 5/96, Section 4; Printers and Publishers Registration Law, Sections 17 and 20; Electronic Transactions Law No. 5/2004, Section 33(a); Unlawful Association Act of 1908, Section 17(1); Law Amending the Control of Money, Section 24(1); Television and Video Law No. 8/96, Sections 32(b) and 36; and Forming of Organizations Law No. 6/88, Section 6
Sentencing History: 65 years and 6 months (6 months for contempt of court on 29 October 2008 and 65 years on 11 November 2008)
Court Hearing: Insein Prison Special Court and Ma-ubin District Court
Name of Prison: Monghsat Prison, Shan State

Immediate Health concerns:
In December 2007 Ko Ko Gyi was reported to be suffering from serious backache after accidentally slipping and colliding with a cement water container just as he was recovering from dengue fever. (Irrawaddy)

On 9 July 2008 Democratic Voice of Burma reported that Ko Ko Gyi was suffering from a weak digestive system and had only been able to eat boiled rice for the past three months. His brother, Aung Htun, reported that his liver was also getting weak again, noting that Ko Ko Gyi had previously suffered from liver stones and Hepatitis B.

On 21 November 2008 Mizzima reported that Ko Ko Gyi’s brother, Aung Htun, had recently met with the detained student leaders and said that his brother and others are suffering from various illnesses due to their constant detention and lack of medical treatment. "They have already suffered various diseases during their previous lengthy prison terms before being arrested again last year. My elder brother's major complaint is indigestion. He is trying his best to prevent his disease from worsening. He's having only gruel in prison instead of rice," Aung Htun said. A few months earlier, his brother had already reported to the media that Ko Ko Gyi had been suffering from a weak digestive system and had only been able to eat boiled rice and other easily digestible things like noodles for a few months. Ko Ko Gyi’s liver is reportedly also weak. Ko Ko Gyi has previously also suffered from liver stones.

In May 2009 it was reported by Radio Free Asia that Ko Ko Gyi was once again suffering from Hepatitis B, and that his general health condition was deteriorating. (RFA Burmese 06May2009)


For further information, please contact:
Tate Naing, AAPP Secretary, +66(0)812878751
Bo Kyi, AAPP Joint-Secretary, +66(0)81-3248935

Download pdf >>> Ko Ko Gyi's Bio (in English)

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